Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


Interview: Grayce

What’s that, you haven’t heard of Grayce (@graycemusic) before? Blasphemy! I have been sharing her music since May of last year (lately with her Coffee Cup Covers video series). But, just in case you are new to the name, let me give you some of the 411.

Grayce is a pop-soul singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, by way of London, Japan, and Hong Kong. Whoa, what? Yeah, she’s a worldly girl, with a voice that is out-of-this-world beautiful. Rich and soulful, combined with a cool, pop flare, making her music fun and easy to like. Her vocal versatility finds her effortlessly switching between deep and gentle tones; From upbeat, catchy anthems to emotional ballads, this girl can do no wrong. And that’s why I had to snag a Q&A chat with her. Keep reading for my interview with Grayce!

Grayce – “Don’t” (ft Dead Man Jim) (Ed Sheeran cover) video

You should know her name by now. Grayce latest Coffee Cup Covers includes a cover of Ed Sheeran‘s “Don’t”. With Mark McKee on guitar/production, Grayce does a very fun, upbeat version of the song, with her dynamic, soulful touch on the chorus. There’s also a fresh verse from rapper Dead Man Jim, which plays right into getting with a girl that’s out of his league and passing on the cautionary advice to Ed. I like it a lot, so check it out.

Grayce – “Take Me To Church” (Hozier cover) video

Ever since hearing Grayce‘s (@graycemusic) Golden Girl EP last year, I’ve been actively paying attention to her. As you may already know, she’s been doing a lot of cover songs, as part of a series called Coffee Cup Covers. Last month, she covered Hozier‘s popular and powerful “Take Me To Church” song, which is a political statement against institutions that undermine humanity and the natural parts of being a person. Sitting atop a Fender amp, with a coffee cup at her side, she sings an acoustic cover of the song over a piano played by Mark Mckee. While her version doesn’t hold the same emotional strength as the original, you will be captivated by her deep, soulful voice and range. She is such a pleasure to listen to, and watch.

Grayce – “Santa Baby” (Eartha Kitt cover) video

The latest in Grayce‘s (@graycemusic) Coffee Cup Covers series is a cover of Eartha Kitts’ “Santa Baby”. With blue garland and white Christmas lights decorating the walls, she sits alongside Mark McKee on acoustic guitar, singing about the sables, yachts, and the wedding ring she wants for Christmas, for being a good girl all year round. Her soulful voice is so rich and warm, all that’s missing is a hot cup of cocoa.

It’s a Black Deer Pictures production and was filmed at Beachwood Park Studios. Stream below. Happy holidays!

Grayce – “Let It Be” (Labrinth cover) video

Singer Grayce (@graycemusic) is back with another installment in her #COFFEECUPCOVERS series. This time she covers Labrinth‘s soulful, rock song “Let It Be“, a song about the anxiety that comes with criticizing yourself/your work. Grayce tones it down quite a bit, as she performs with pianist Mark McKee, while delivering a soul-pop cover. While I wish she would’ve given one or two more powerful pushes in some spots (for example, I love the strong passion heard in “Blind“‘s chorus), like at the end (whew, yes, girl!), it’s still a beautiful rendition. I really enjoy listening to it on repeat, and singing along. Plus, she put me onto Labrinth. Win/win, in my books. Shot and edited by Black Deer Pictures, watch it below! Download the cover for free, too.

Grayce – “The Golden Girl” EP

I was interested in listening to this girl’s music based on her name alone–the spelling is the same as my grandma’s name. I clicked play on her lead single, “I Love You… But,” and was sold on what she was selling. Good music! Grayce is a London-born soulful pop singer-songwriter that found her love for music during her years growing up in Japan and Hong Kong. She now lives in Los Angeles, California, where she is making a name for herself.