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Venomous2000 contest + more

Venomous2000 The Ultra Emcee (or just Venomous2000) is a 29-year-old emcee from New Jersey, that has been rapping for 13 years. He is welcoming all emcees to participate in his contest. Listen to/download his provided beats (player below, beginning with track 9). Choose a beat and submit your verse + hook to his email. He will choose the best verses, and hop alongside them for an upcoming project. More details (and other goodies) below!

Venomous2000 Presents: Here, There, & Back. Currently looking for emcees to hop on any of the following tracks(playing via the tunepak) with a verse and hook only, where-ever a hook is necessary. Upon completion of the track, submit the vocal reference to Venomous2000@gmail.com where it will be reviewed and compared to other artist submissions. The best verses will be used and Venomous2000 will hop along side whichever artist has the best package. All the beats were produced by Venomous2000. If you are interested, take a listen and download whichever beat you like. The beats will be available till Jan 1st 2011. Many Blessings and thanks to all that will be a part of this project! Disclaimer: Submitting a verse/hook does not warrant a placement on the final project! The best rhymes will be used…so come CORRECT! [SOURCE]

*Note: On his website, the player doesn’t include the first 8 tracks that are included on the player in this post. Just the beats… which start at track 9.

* His 2009 “Universally Connected” album with Kingshon HERE.
** Grab other downloads from his website.
*** And check Delinquent Soundz for more free music.

Now stop reading and watch his two latest videos. The first is “Outstanding”. The second is “Mind Over Matter” with L.I.F.E.LONG, which is from L.I.F.E.LONG’s upcoming mix cd.

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