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Tour Necessities Q&A: Gajah on West Coast Halfway tour

First, let me say that Los Angeles-based emcee Gajah is not a stranger to CrayonBeats. Second, let me introduce you, in case you aren’t familiar with his work. Gajah jumped into the hip hop scene sometime in the early 90’s with a couple of rap groups, until he became the founding member of the long-standing, two-man hip hop group, Acid Reign (with BeOnd), who eventually earned their stripes with Project Blowed. As a group, they’ve released a handful of projects, worked with a ton of West Coast underground hip hop legends, have started their own label (Acid Lab Records), and have had countless performances. As a solo act, though, Gajah has released nearly 10 outstanding projects (some of which we’ve talked about here), performed all throughout the West Coast, and has worked with various hip hop artists (such as Open Mike Eagle, Uncommon Nasa, Abstract Rude, The Kleenrz, Duke Westlake, Graves33, Atari Blitzkrieg, Ceschi, Tommy V, Ellay Khule, Mute Speaker, and more).

Acid Reign & Gebo – “Sweet Leisure”

Los Angeles-based hip hop group Acid Reign (@AcidReigners) teamed up with Osaka-based emcee Gebo to create a bilingual rap album, titled Losaka, that merges the two cities that they respectively call home. Yesterday they dropped their first single “Sweet Leisure,” produced by Mute Speaker. Over a warm strings and a boom bap beat, the emcees kick laidback rhymes about the time required to just relax and unwind (“My work never quits, and I won’t neither // But for me to stay sane, I need to take a little breather“). Stream and download that for free now, and look out for their album on August 5th.

Bloodmoney Presents: “We’re Really Out Here” compilation

Portland-based hip hop/downtempo producer and emcee Bloodmoney put together a dope 7-track compilation to benefit those in need during this cold winter. Titled We’re Really Out Here, he enlisted BeOND, Uncommon Nasa, Always Prolific, Gajah & Mute Speaker, Walter Gross, and Dust to provide the music… which is available for $5 (or more).

All of the proceeds will go directly to the Transition Projects, which is one of the largest service providers for the homeless in Portland where they serve more than 9,000 people each year. This is your opportunity to do something good by offering up at least five bucks to help someone get a hat and a pair of gloves to keep warm during the holiday season. The spirit of giving is strong this year, I can feel it. Not only that, but you get a dope batch of songs in return. Check it out.

Gajah & Graves33 – “Your True Colors” video

Los Angeles-based emcee Gajah recently took a trip to Seattle to work with emcee Graves33 on their forthcoming sophomore EP, due out next year. If you weren’t aware of their first EP Two Headed Dragon, released 2 years ago, stream and download that while you wait.

Now, while Gajah was in Seattle, they wrote, recorded, and filmed a video for their new song “Your True Colors.” In hooded paint suits, purple gloves, and goggles, the distinct-voiced, abstract lyricists urge people to embrace what’s real to them… “Accept what you feel // Don’t deny it, don’t doubt it // Just accept what you feel // ‘Cause you can’t live without it.” Directed by D.Hansen.

BeOND – “Don’t Judge” maxi single

Brand new single from BeOND, titled “Don’t Judge” and produced by EQ. It features Lyricon on the mic and DJ Ethos on the cuts, and it’s dedicated to the over-opinionated that forget to remember that people handle business in their own way. The flip track, titled “Formula 3”, features MC Gebo and Gajah, with a beat by Broken Finguz.

And because this is a maxi single, that means there is a remix by Awkward, instrumentals and acapellas. This means you should put your own reinterpretation on ’em! Stream and purchase.

Acid Reign – “Synergy” EP

On April 30th, Los Angeles hip hop trio Acid Reign (made up of BeOND, Gajah, and Olmeca) released an EP. Produced entirely by French duo Chrono Triggers, Synergy consists of 6 tracks. Features come from Lyricon, Dye, ODT, and Kaigen.

Futuristic electro beats laced in chunky basslines, streams of synth sounds, crunchy snares, bouts of percussion, noise, and machine-sounding samples. Head-nodding rhythms, rapid-fire raps, catchy sing-song hooks, and good vibes. Personal track favorites include “Synergy”, “Gadgets”, “Our Choices”, and “International”. Dope music from this collective, so I recommend checking it out!

Gajah & Mute Speaker – “On & Offspring” album

After posting about UK producer Mute Speaker‘s Post Block album on the website, I also briefly wrote about it and listed it in our first magazine issue under my Favorite Albums of 2012 list. Extremely dope producer that I feel shouldn’t be overlooked. Then, there’s California based emcee Gajah, of Acid Reign, who has released several dope solo albums that I approve of (Poverty’s Prodigy, Poverty’s Prodigy Remixed, Man The Ship, and Two Headed Dragon). I feel that he isn’t getting the attention he deserves either.

Acid Reign & Awkward – “Hype Kills” EP

UK producer Awkward is workin’ hard with music right now. Not long after releasing the Hard Maintenance album with Matt Gamin (under the alias VLACHI_PRO–by the way, go check that out), he’s back with another collabo project. This time, it’s with the Acid Reign fellas.

Hype Kills has four original tracks, with two remixes from Willie Green and Awkward. Stream it in its entirety, then get it with the name-your-price option. Also, watch the music video for “Generation Fresh” below.

Gajah – “Poverty’s Prodigy (Remixed)” album

In April, Gajah released a very dope album, titled “Poverty’s Prodigy“. On November 27th, he returned with “Poverty’s Prodigy (Remixed)“. You can guess what it consists of, right? There are 9 of the 14 original tracks that were reworked by Mute Speaker, Graves33, Agartha Audio, Bee Ampersand, Bornagen Baldwin, EQ, Dmn Slyr, and Duke Westlake. It’s almost like a brand new album, with the different and refreshing vibes you’ll hear in comparison to the originals. It’s available to download with the name-your-price option; it can be free, or you can donate towards future Acid Lab releases. You make the choice.

Stream it and download it below. And guess what, I designed the cover art!