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Stainless Steele – “Sanctuary” (ft Danny Watts)

Pennsylvania-based producer/emcee Stainless Steele is not only one of my long-time internet friends, but he’s also an incredibly talented musician. I’ve reviewed a lot of his work in the past, and he’s no stranger to CrayonBeats. He will be releasing a brand new album on December 7th, titled Escapism, via his Extra Lovely label. The album will be available on vinyl, cassette (I helped design the cassette layout, woohoo), and digital download.

Extra Lovely Records – “Extra Lovely Vol. 1” compilation

On May 4th, Pennsylvania emcee/producer Stainless Steele (@stainlessone) released the first compilation of music, from his blog-turned-label Extra Lovely Records. Extra Lovely Vol. 1 is a 14-track collection of songs from the artists: Swarvy, N.O.M.A.D, All Shapes, Sir Froderick, Maf Maddix, Deflon, HeadPiece, Garfunkle, Yikes The Zero, Adam Jeez, Ghost McGrady, MogillaH, Stainless Steele, and Asonic Garcia. You’ll find beats and vocal tracks that expand into the electronic hip hop universe–mixing together sounds of head-nodding boom bap, experimental jazz, smooth psychedelic, to synth-heavy glitch. It’s a cool selection of music that you can kick back and zone out to, headphones on or off.

This is available as a $5 digital download, or you can buy a limited-edition cassette tape for $8 (which comes with the MP3 album, too). Art work was done by Adam Leak, and the cassette layout was done by Tiffology (Hey, that’s me!). Stream the project below, and then make your way to Bandcamp to buy it!

Album Review: Stainless Steele – “A Beautiful Rift in Time”

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard some new stuff from Stainless Steele. We’re glad to see him back with a brand new EP, though. Released on October 29th, “A Beautiful Rift In Time” features 6 tracks, with production from Bueller, Knxwledge, Jay Marvlis, Gamera, and PoptartPete. Despite the beats coming from different producers, they all evoke similar atmospheric, abstract, and celestial vibes. Gorgeous beats.

Steele gives us his signature style songs, where he poetically raps about the blues, love, and life, with thought-provoking lyricism and wordplay. This collection weaves through topics of tragedy, desire, fatal attraction, and seduction. Check out my review.

Album Review: Stainless Steele – “Straight Jacket Time Killin”

In November, Stainless Steele dropped the (free) album “Straight Jacket Time Killin“. If you’ve been a heavy listener of Stainless for a few years now, you probably remember his 2009 project, “My Top Friends Are Beat Makers“, where he collaborated with various beat makers around the globe, that he “met” through Myspace. SJTK is pretty much the part two to that. Again, he linked up with a handful of electronic, hip hop producers, such as Abjo, Chit$, AL_PD, Swarvy, Mndsgn, Infinite Potentials, Sir Froderick, Jonti, and others. And they reside in places ranging between France, Canada, the U.S., London, and Australia.

Straight Jacket Time Killin” has 13 tracks, laced with exotic, electro beats that Steele creatively flows over. In usual fashion, whatever he raps about (whether it’s wacky, bizarre shit vs sensual, amorous feelings vs heartbreak and sadness), it’s done in such a beautiful, poetic way. I see his style and skill of story-telling, as if he’s in a fictitious, black-and-white world (ala “Sin City”), where he is brilliantly splashing the walls with bright, colorful paint (of words and sounds). Like his past works, this further dives into his “perfect maniac”, sometimes twisted, imaginary world. Perhaps his parallel universe. That may be weird to any one reading this, but if you’ve read my other Stainless Steele reviews, you’d see that I’ve spoke about his story-telling before — his use of vocabulary and the words he pieces together to create a dreamscape in your mind is exquisite.

Anyway, on to the review!

Midnight Kids Academy – “Class of MMXII” album

Here’s another “collection of tracks from 2011” release, but this time it’s from the Midnight Kids Academy. “Class of MMXII” is a free download of 29 tracks, beats and vocals, from those such as ROZEAUDIO, Maf Madix, AbJo, Stainless Steele, Asonic Garcia, Moon Reflecting, Gamera, Nigel One, Nick Diamante, MustardSeed, and many others. Reeeeal dope mix of songs, so be sure to stream and download it right now.

Blasphemous Jazz: The Bitches Brew Sessions

Ahhh, about to talk about some of my favorite beat dudes. Check it out… back in June, Mndsgn, Swarvy, Sir Froderick, Knxwledge, Josh Hey, and Stainless Steele got together to play a live show at The Little Bar in South Philadelphia. It was hosted by Stainless Steele, and they called it “Blasphemous Jazz”. The concept for the show was to re-work Miles Davis‘ 1970 album, “Bitches Brew“. Jazzy goodness.

Fast forward to just a few weeks ago. For those of us who weren’t there, the fellas decided to put together a digital project featuring the sets that they did. Stream the entire thing below… also download it for free.

Album Review: Stainless Steele – “The Renaissance Asylum”

Back with another album, Stainless Steele is getting ready to release “The Renaissance Asylum“. He already dropped an instrumental album this year called, “Perfect Maniac X“, and that was reviewed in April. Well, here I am again… reviewing this one. It’s due for release in August, so be on the look-out for that. And if you’re in the Lancaster, PA area on August 5th, hit up the release party @ Revival Skate Shoppe. Check the Facebook event for details.

Now on to my review. You know how it goes…

CrayonBeats presents Vol. 2: East x West

It’s finally here! Another volume of our special compilation series — CrayonBeats Volume 2: “East x West”. This is on a bigger scale than our first volume. More music and a different approach. This time, there are TWO compilations within the zip file. Tiffny took on the East compilation, and I (Tiffology) handled the West. Now, let me first say that all the artists within the respective compilations aren’t necessarily from the East or West coast. What the East and West most represents is the different music that reaches two separate girls on opposite sides of the United States. Tiffny is from New York (East), and Tiffology is from Arizona (West). While we live in the same country and have the same name (haha), our taste in music differs a bit. And with this volume, we wanted to share music that we each like, and both support, by promoting their music and talent to YOU. A lot of them have been featured here, in some form.

Album Review: Stainless Steele – “Perfect Maniac X”

If you keep up with lyricist/producer Stainless Steele anywhere (Facebook, for example), or if you read my interview with him in November, you’d be well aware that he has an instrumental album called “Perfect Maniac X” that’s due for release on April 25th. The album contains a total of 13 tracks and a play-time of 43 minutes. If you’re familiar with his 2010 release “Dub Hop Illuminations“, you’re going to love this, because it fits right in with that similiar psychedelic-electronic sound, with some hip hop undertones. Thanks to Stainless, I had the pleasure of listening to and reviewing the album… so read on.

Interview: Stainless Steele

Second interview of November is with Stainless Steele. Residing in Pennsylvania, Stainless Steele’s talent is split between rhyming and producing. Showcasing the two of those equally, he just dropped his latest album, “Dub Hop Illuminations“, on November 5th. It’s 11-tracks of electronic hip hop weaved with bugged-out, psychedelic vibes. Outside of Stainless Steele, the album only features two other vocalists, Suzy Free and Wufei the Zen. And then there’s Space Monk, who shows up on two tracks.

I was kind of surprised that I haven’t interviewed Stainless yet, considering that I’ve been chatting with him & keeping up with his music for a couple years now. But with the release “Dub Hop Illuminations” over a week ago, I thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to get some words in with him. Check it out…